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What gives me an edge in picking winners?

  1. I am a CPA and have been analyzing data for over 30 years I have decided to handicap horses full time.
  2. Over the years I have come across strong handicapping techniques that will give us the best chance to make a lot of money.
  3. In addition to past performance data I have added additional proprietary handicapping techniques that cash the most profitable tickets.
  4. We provide our clients with a comprehensive list of the horses along with exacta, trifecta and pick six that we are wagering on that day.
  5. You cannot win on only one track. I continually monitor all the tracks and look for situations that can be exploited to give us the most powerful plays.
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How to View Our Picks for Horse Wagering for individuals purchasing a daily or weekend horse racing picks package, you can login to your account to check the days selections and picks for each day that you have purchased a package. I will also provide my selections which is available to you daily on your computer or cell phone.My wager selections will tell you the specific racetrack, horse, and the strength of the selection. Each day’s trifecta, exacta and superfecta selections will list 8-12 wagers from major racetracks, while the top winner selections will list 10 – 15 selections that we recommend for your horse wagering. I do not offer selections for Monday’s or Tuesdays, but will offer special holiday racing selections on these days.

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How important is the Jockey

If any ingredient of thoroughbred racing is over rated it is the part of the jockey. It is has been proven that an average horse will run just as well with an average jockey as it will with an elite jockey. A top trainer once said that a nose separates the to riders in the […]...

Tricks Trainers Play

Horse trainers are basically honest generally speaking. There are a few however who will know manipulate their animals so that they do not win certain races. We do not imply that they resort to illegal practices but merely employ clever maneuvers which although legal nevertheless deprive the...


The Value of the Trainer

One of the most important factors in attempting to bet on winners is the quality and ability of the trainer. There is a small select group of trainers in the country who saddle about 75% of the winners of all races run. They know what to do with a horse how to bring him up […]...

Consistency and Betting

As you begin to handicap a past performance service is a must tool. You will use it as your guiding light and foundation upon which you can build your judgement. However you must keep in mind that a that what you read in the past performance log is a small part of the actual picture […]...

The Basics of Handicapping

You can read volumes and volumes of literature on how to bet on winners at the track and end up so confused that what should be a quiet get a way afternoon becomes a horrifying nightmare resulting in a violent headache and an empty wallet. Because every handicapping rule one establishes with...


Determining True Class

The first step in your thoroughbred handicapping should be to determine a horses class. Class is impossible to define in horses, as it is in men. Either you have it or you don’t. In horses, every horse has a certain amount of class and this class determines at which level he can...